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Fruity shots


Among some of the most awesome archery games, this fun adventure will show you how to be the best at aiming your throw as you stay cool and enjoy the colors.

Funky hippo will hold the sophisticated weapon for you, while the parrot will help you launch your fruit shoot. Make sure you do your calculations just right, so that you can make the most out of this awesome through over the hippo's back.

So here's what you need to do: move the arrow of the bow on hippo's back up and down to set the angle right. Then rise up the velocity of your throw and then pick your fruit. Make sure you first checked where exactly you need to throw the bananas, the coconut, or the watermelon to send it right into its belonging spot. It's a taught job and your mission gets tougher with each level. You will have to use some bombs to blast away walls standing in your way, and use the help of sticks to direct your throw into the perfect angle. You don't get second chances that easily, so make good use of the helping tools and blast block of concrete only when necessary.

Just like in our Stoneage Penalty game, this awesome adventure is all about directing your hit into the right spot. With each level, your archery skills will improve, enabling you to better foreseen your throws. So enjoy the Fruity Shots game as this is a great opportunity for you to be the best archer player of all times! Good luck!