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Frankys Halloween


Prove yourself worthy of the honor of being accepted into the ghastly looking catacomb kitchen helping chef Frankie, while playing the Frankie's Halloween game, rip off the on-screen pumpkins in the blink of an eye.

Ready to control your green, rotten claw and chop off those veggies? Cut, chop, butcher those falling veggies for there's no time to lose, it's almost midnight and chef Frankie hasn't yet got all the pumpkins ready for his famous Halloween salad, you know. N ow admit it, you won't find any other Halloween skills games more challenging or ore engaging than this one here! Have your reaction times tested, chop till you drop, then, once you've gotten better as a veggies butcher and as chef Frankie's right hand, how about rerunning it from the begging again and picking a more difficult level of difficulty? While doing all that chopping, make sure you avoid the rotten vegetables, for they will cost you, each, one life and that you shake off those disgusting poisonous frogs off your on-screen claw. Don't let any other gruesome items, that might appear on your screen, distract you from your goal: getting as many veggies sliced down and cruelly butchered clicking on Frankie's claw for doing that.

Now, do you think you're worthy to be chef Frankenstein's apprentice in the kitchen? Then win his thrust passing Frankie's Halloween cooking test: slaying as many vegetables, in as many pieces as possible, and doing that in no time!