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Fisti Cuff Boxing


Are you ready for another competition? If you seek online boxing games we found just the perfect one for you! Do you like realistic boxing challenges? If yes you will enjoy Fisti Cuff Boxing. This online boxing game is quite a challenge. It is for those who really enjoy this sport and want to get better at it. So, are you ready to start the competition? I couldn’t hear you! Once again! Are you ready? Good! Let’s hit that ‘’START’’ button and let the competition begin!

The rules are very simple! You just have to knock out your opponent in order to pass to the next level! You can do this with the help of some very useful keyboard keys. The whole time while you play you will be able to see only your hands, so you can concentrate better to throw a winning punch. The good thing is that you can see your opponent, see his reactions and approximate the time when he will punch you next with a quick-shotle of seconds before. Do defend yourself just press the ‘’up’’ arrow and your player will adopt the defensive position. This free boxing game gives you the power to punch your opponent as fast as you can. In order to do this you need to press the ‘’A’’ key for a left punch and the ‘’S’’ key to throw a right punch. If you look carefully at the bottom of the screen you can see that there is a power bar. This helps you a lot! When the power bar is at full you can throw a super punch using the ‘’space bar’’ and dizzy your opponent!

When you play an online boxing game sometimes you are exposed to the possibility of knock down. If this happens while you play Fisti Cuff Boxing you just need to press the punch buttons as fast as you can to get up. Be very careful not to let yourself be kicked down too often because your power will decrease and it will be very hard for you to get back in the game again! If everything is understood, and you know the rules of the game that means you are ready to try this online boxing game!