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Deadly Neighbours


If you were looking for Dragon Ball Z fighting games you have certainly found the game, the Deadly Neighbours game. Dragon Ball Z fighting games are more complex games than those that you are used to. But if they are complex doesn’t mean that they are harder to play. Usually Dragon Ball Z fighting games have a legend that you have to read before starting the game and this legend make them more interesting.

The game has lots of interesting things. First of them would be the fact that you can choose a family as your players, and you can even modify their faces and clothes. You can choose a hair style and color for them, their eyes type, their skin color, their clothes and clothes’ color. You also have an entire neighborhood from where you can pick a family that you want to fight with. You also have different weapons at this game and you can choose the weapon that you want to use every time that you have to fight with someone. Like all fighting games, there are also locked weapons, which you can use only after fighting and winning against your neighbors.

You can choose any member of the family for each fight, but be careful to keep them alive! The legend of this game is that the family that you are playing with has a debt to pay, that’s why they have to fight with their neighbors to win that money as a reward. They have to kill the members of the other families. Before choosing the family that you want to fight with, you should read what appears on your display when you put the cursor on the house of that family. This way you can find out the reason why you should challenge them to a fight.

Deadly Neighbours is the most played game by the players who search for Dragon Ball Z fighting games because of its complexity and also because there is a reason for any action that you make, and there is a story of your family and of the other families that you’re fighting with. You can download this game because fighting games download, give you the opportunity to play one or more games anytime that you want without an internet connection.