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You are a funny French cycler on a high way who wants to go how far as he can. His single problem is his strength. He has to get some food to have more strength and the food is imitated. His strength appears in the left size on the screen in a syringe. The pink liquid is graduated in that syringe and for each food that he can reach that pink liquid will grow.

In this type of free cycling games there are some obstacles on the high way. In this type of free cycling games those obstacles are the cops and the photographers. Try to avoid those obstacles to not crash with them because if you do that you will lose a life. You will start your game with 5 lives, and when you’ve lost them or when you get without any pink liquid you will lose the game. Every meter that you will go it will transform in your score. The score appear under your cycler and it doesn’t stop counting if you don’t stop, or don’t hit any of the obstacles. You will see that far that you will go, the game it will be more and more difficult. Your speed will grow up and the obstacles will never stop to appear and to be more and more difficult to avoid. In this type of free cycling games at the end of the game you can submit your score to this site, and you can try another time to get a new and a better one.

So can you play cycling game and get to the finish without losing any of your life. We bet that you can do this in those kinds of free cycling games. All you have to do is to practice some time and pay attention to the obstacles to not get crashed.