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Crush The Castle


It is time to enter a new and unexplored world… the world of the past, a past that sometimes can be so mysterious and so fun! The archery games 2012 that you will start playing in a quick-shotle of seconds are some of the best in their domain. So, let’s start with ‘’crashing the castle’’ for a change!

From the beginning you will enter another world where you will become part of the scenario. These archery games online 2012 will transform you into a well known knight. Wouldn’t you want that? So, let’s start with the rules… Your goal is to destroy the enemy’s caste with your projectile.

What you will have to do is click anywhere on the screen to start the projectile and when you consider the angle to be good click once again to release the rock! Aren’t these archery games 2012 fun?! Now, let’s see how good an aimer you are and how quick you can conquer the new territory!