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Crazy Flasher 3


Crazy Flasher 3 is a game which you will find so entertaining that you will surely start looking for a way to keep it on your computer. If you want to play fighting games that are similar to this one you can find more of them on this site. You can choose from tens of 2 player fighting games and each and every one of them will satisfy your desires!

These interesting games are very good if you want to play fighting games for your time to pass more quickly because these are very entertaining games! For example, Crazy Flasher 3 is a multiplayer game in the sense that you will play against more enemies at once.

Using the arrow keys from your keyboard to move the character you can prove yourself in being the best at this sport. Also, when you play fighting games like Crazy Flasher you have the choice to use some special fighting moves by using the ‘’B’’, ‘’N’’, ‘’M’’ and space bar. You will see that these games will pump up your veins with the needed dose of adrenalin!