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Counter Specialist


You think you know all the cool shooting games with blood? Well I bet you haven't played all 2 player shooting games that are available out there, on the long list of free flash games. Counter Specialist is a game about war, with cool graphics and good game play.

2 player shooting games usually have an action story to tell, and so is the case with Counter Specialist. You work for the government and the terrorists have taken some hostages from your side of the barricade. Prove your commando skills and plan your strategy before braking into the enemy base.

All 2 player shooting games have a target icon with which you'll be able to kill the enemies. But don't be too hasty because after shooting a number of bullets, you'll have to wait a few seconds for the weapon to reload. And if you don't take cover, your soldier could easily get shot. If you get killed, the game's over and you'll have to start the level all over again And this is why you might find the game a bit difficult when you play it for the first time.

Counter Specialist is an action game with guns, blood, warlike environment and bombs ready to explode. But with your experience in 2 player shooting games, dangerous tactical espionage becomes a simple Tic Tac Toe game, the terrorist base is just an opposition ready to be taken out and the bombs are only toys. The controls assigned to the 2 player shooting games are usually the same: WASD or arrow keys for movement and the mouse for direction and targeting.

The visuals and the sounds for Counter Specialist are pretty good, although when you start playing the game, the graphics seem a bit noisy. But the next minute you'll change your mind and find the game pretty nice. If in time the sounds become annoying for you, there's a sound button that all 2 player shooting games have available for you.

As a final conclusion, 2 player shooting games are very cool and catchy. So don't play Counter Specialist for too long because you don't want to miss the other sport games that we have for you.