Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Cops Vs Supers


It is fine for some people to spend their free time just hanging around, but sometimes it is enough even for those people. That is why we have these fighting games to play for those of you who like playing a cool and relaxing game where everything that you have to do is catch some bad guys. 

This time you will be with the good guys! These fighting games to play are all so educative and put your imagination to try in the search for finding the best way to catch the robbers. Cops Vs Supers is for everyone and quite easy to play. You only have to pull from the policemen using the mouse in the opposite direction, towards the bad guys, and release.

If you touch the enemy that means you caught him and you can advance to the next level – a harder one! These fighting games to play are very educative and develop the imagination, so they are perfect for children!