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Cliff Diver


It is time you tried some of our free cliff diving games and you will see that they are very challenging although they are quite simple. A very good example of a game like this is Cliff Diver – a simple game where everything that you need to do is jump from a cliff and watch out for some obstacles. Does it sound interesting? Even if some of you may be a little bit more demanding you should also try this game and you won’t be sorry…

When it comes to easy free cliff diving games this one is double edged… why…? Because it looks very simple from the outside buy once you started playing it you will soon see that it is not that simple as it looked. You may think it is quite easy because of the controls used to play which are only a few – meaning the space bar to perform the jump and then the left and right arrows to move from one side to another.

After jumping you have to keep your eyes open and be careful not to hit birds or bird nests because you will lose a life, and you only have three… Comparing to other air diving games, what is so extraordinary about this one is the fact that you will have such a speed while falling that you won’t even have time to think. S, if you like to play diving games and also are a fan of speed this game is the perfect one for you!

Although when playing these free cliff diving games you will manage to have an incredible speed the system offers you the possibility to accelerate more by using the ‘’down’’ arrow key. But, strange, you cannot brake or slow down. So all that remains for you is to enjoy the few seconds that this game offers you for each jump and take advantage of the thrill it gives.

After you have heard all of these what do you think about Cliff Diving? Is it worth playing? Is it worth some minutes of your life? Well… I say ‘’remember it as you will crave for it’’ and you won’t find free cliff diving games like this one!