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Cheesee The Rat


Just come and join the extra witty little one in his quest for the yummy cheese, collecting as much food as possible, to store it up for the winter, while defending and fighting for its rights to the delicious treat.

Use your arrow keys to guide Cheese, the rat, and jump on top of your enemies' heads to destroy them. You will love to handle the funny rat around the maze, since the graphics of these fighting games is unique, interesting and very appealing and captivating.

Eat all the cheese you can find and reach the finish line in this rat maze and get to the next level of intense fun and challenges. Fight for your cheese and be the greatest rat that ever caught the yummy treat every single time. Be careful since you only have a limited number of lives, so use them carefully and choose your battles ahead. Estimate weather it's worth fighting against a big troop of kitchen bugs or if it's better to avoid them by tricking the direction you're heading to. Good luck in your cheese quest and prove once again you can win all fighting games online with your witty mind and energized by the cheese collected.