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Champions Fields


Ready for another archery game online for free? This time we prepared for you a strategy game that you will enjoy. It is called Champions Field and you will feel like a real hero playing it. How would you like to be the leader of your own army? And lead them on the way to victory? How would you like to have tens of brave soldiers with swords in their hands following your every command? You can be this leader only by playing archery games online for free now! Start playing Champions Field and you will become a champion!

Champions Field in a complex game from the point of view of the manner of controlling the character. You have to manage to master the keyboard and also the mouse. In order to move the character you have to use keys ‘’W’’, ‘’C’’, ‘’A’’ and ‘’D’’ from the keyboard; and hold and release left click of the mouse to shoot the arrow. Be careful to follow the power bar that is near the archer in order to easily hit the enemies.

The aim of Champions Field is to reach the other side in order to win. You don’t need to reach it yourself; if any of your soldiers reaches it your team wins no matter what. If the others reach your side of the battlefield you lose. You also have to earn money with every kill you make; money that afterwards you can use to buy upgrades to improve your fighting.

What is very interesting at the game Champions Field is the fact that your army works as a team although you control only the leader. So, what do you say? Doesn’t it sound interesting? Try this online archery game for free for a few minutes and you will see that this is not a lie! Prepare your army, polish the swords and sharpen the arrows and let us go to war!