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Catscratch This Means War


If you are in the mood for some cat fighting games and you love funny interactive games where you have the chance to beat the living out of other players now is your chance! I bet that Catscratch This Means War is one of the funniest cat fighting games that you have ever encountered. The best thing about Catscratch This Means War is the fact that it has a story behind the action and all of the characters are funny looking cartoon-like cats.

So, if you would like to spend some minutes having the best time of your life Catscratch This Means War will make your day! From all the cat fighting games that you have ever tried this funny and at the same time complex game will give you the chance to experience the fight between three cats that fight for the domination of the house they live in!

If you were looking for active and fare ways of fighting you just had the luck of your life! From all cat fighting games Catscratch This Means War is the only one that will keep you stuck to the computer until the end! Catscratch This Means War is a game that you will have to play both with the help of the keyboard arrows, space bar and mouse. If is a free fighting game that you can play along with your friends and family, having as a option 1, 2 and 3 player games.

Aren’t you happy that you discovered this interesting game? But don’t forget, here you can find all kinds of online sports games, be it driving, hunting or even free bass fishing games… don’t miss the chance to try them all! But especially Catscratch This Means War – which will surely make you laugh! 

The aim of Catscratch This Means War is to be the last one standing. At first, before beginning the game you have to choose the character you want to play with, and then, use the objects around the house to defend from the opponents or attack them. You can throw things, fly to move from place to place or adopt a defensive position! Isn’t this one of the most fun free fighting game?