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Burning Wheels


If you ever thought the complexity of PC racing games can't be possible online you're going to be surprised by Burning Wheels. Together with other racing games and new NASCAR games that we published, this is one of the most spectacular titles in our sport games collection.

Apart from having upgrades for your car and other cool stuff, Burning Wheels also offers an interesting gameplay in which you see the car from all angles as it turns around the track. The opponents you have to race are fairly good but you can overtake them easily after a few practice laps. Other new NASCAR games and similar racing games tend to get a bit boring after 3-4 levels but this one keeps the excitement alive with the upgrades. Still, there are quite a few driving, drifting or NASCAR games online that you can try and enjoy.

The very nice graphics and epic sounds make Burning Wheels one of our all time favorite racing games. It's fun and addictive and it's also among the more complex racing games on the Internet. SO give it a shot and also visit the other new NASCAR games we host on Sport Games Arena – the fun never ends here!