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Bully Basher


Bully Basher is a very funny and fun game. This is the luckiest day of your life as you managed to find such an entertaining game… From all the games that you can choose you have chosen to download boxing games and you won’t feel sorry at all after you do it. Bully Basher – a game with character! 

Like no other pc boxing games, when you play this one you will be placed inside the skin of a very geeky and thin young boy which you need to help place himself among the bad boys and defend himself. This won’t be very hard as you can easily use the ‘’A’’ and ‘’S’’ keys to throw punches and the ‘’D’’ button to defend. Also, this game gives you the power to move from place to place which makes it rather interactive! 

So, get ready to make this young boys’ self esteem get up to the roof! It will be fun, it will be challenging and it will be a good means to put your blood yet again moving. A round of download boxing games is exactly what you need!