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Bugs Cecil In Mad Dash


When you think about celebrity running games the first thing that may come in your mind is participating in the competition alongside with some famous presidents or some beautiful actors or musicians. Well… the celebrities here refer to the most known cartoon characters of all time – Bugs Bunny and Cecil the Turtle!

These celebrity running games are actually competitions between the two cartoon characters. You will impersonate Bugs Bunny and what you have to do is help him win the competition against Cecil. Cecil will run on a straight road, without any obstacles while you have to jump over some hurdles – a given number each level – in order to win! If you don’t jump enough fences you will loose.

That is why when you play these track running games you can use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrow keys to move from a track to another to look for hurdles and jump over them using the space bar. Do these celebrity running games sound appealing to you? Than start playing and don’t waste any time!