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Do you like boxing? Are you ready for kick boxing games? We prepared some very nice and funny kick boxing games here on this site just for your entertainment! We have kick boxing games for every age, taste and mood! If you feel angry we can give you somebody to kick his ass or if you are sad we can provide a nice funny game of boxing! The kick boxing game we prepared for you is called Boxer and I am sure that you will enjoy playing it. Boxer is a nice challenging kick boxing game for everybody! If you want to play it for fun or for the competition that depends on you!

Boxer is the type of free online boxing game that is played in tournaments. For start you have to win the fight in Germany in order to qualify yourself for the next round. Be careful that it is a competition and the opponents are tough, so, calculate your punches in such a way not to loose precious energy. You can fight with the help of some very useful keyboard keys and the mouse. So, in order to dodge and move use the movements of the mouse and left mouse click to throw punches! To block the opponents’ hits press space bar and the player will adopt the defensive position! The secret of a good win when playing kick boxing games is knowing how to throw a super combo punch… you can surprise your opponent by clicking the mouse very fast and just wait and see what happens! The road to winning is already being paved…

The rules of Boxer are very simple and easy to keep in mind. You just have to knock out your opponent in order to pass to the next level, meaning to the next competition! It is not very hard to knock out your opponent when playing this kick boxing game! You just need a little dexterity and practice and you will be a champion in no time.