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Bow Master


If you are a fan of online free archery games now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity and defend your honor and your castle by playing Bow Master. Bow Master will demonstrate how well your defensive skills are. It is the most challenging of all the archery games for free that you can find on the internet. Bow Master will make you a true Bow Master!!! An expert in using the bow and arrows, it will make you feel proud that you managed to overcome the invader’s attack.

Bow Master is more like an arcade game, a war game. Its colors are not bright and shiny; it is kind of dark and gloomy, and it seams that it very well represents the middle ages; the period in which bow and arrow fights were very common. You can clearly see the creepy atmosphere that is all around you. Bow Master is not only a fun game…where you have to throw the arrow in order to hit a target, but it is a game where you, as a player, have an extra goal. A very important one! When playing this free archery game you have to be vigilant, quick and fearless not to let the enemies get close to your walls.

Bow Master is a very easy and fun game to play, just by using the mouse. You only have to click and hold the left mouse button in order to string your bow, drag to gain more power to throw the arrow a greater distance; and then release to shoot. So, if you are a fan of strategy games this free archery game will suit you like a glove. You will feel like a real warrior from the bygone times that has to endure the hardships of the wars.

Play Bow Master and it will seam that you traveled in time! You will so feel the suspense of the gloomy atmosphere. So, do not hesitate to try this new free archery game right now! Don’t you waste any more time and start the adventure!