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Boom Boom Boom


Play shooting games online for free and do all your missions. At these shooting games your goal is to hit all your blue balloons but to avoid hitting the orange ones. Every level will have a limited time to be completed and all the balloons will be randomly arranged on the map. Use your mouse to release all the orange balloons and also use your mouse to hit into the blue ones.

Play shooting games online for free and use your mouse to aim and shoot. Drag your mouse side to side on the screen and press the left mouse button to throw a bomb. As longer you keep the mouse button pressed as distant your bomb will go. Aim your balloons and try to use as few as you can to get a high score. Any balloon will count as 50 points minus at your final score. You will have25 levels to complete to finish this game. Use your knoll age to do all your levels and try to make the biggest score of all time by choosing to play shooting games online for free.

Don’t forget that you can choose to play this game even in a multiplayer mode against your friends. This way the game will be more interesting and funnier. Practice some rounds before you challenge your friends at this games to win much easier at these shooting games online for free. Both of you will have to use the same keyboard to play this game, and you will play it by turns.

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