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Bo Bobo Nose Hairs Of Fury


Who had enough of playing games where you have to use your punch to fight off enemies need to hear the news! Playing Bo Bobo Nose Hairs Of Fury funny fighting game you will have the chance to fight the bad guys away using something else than the physical violence! This is your only occasion to use your magic nose hairs, which you can control, to fight!

These are the perfect if you are looking for fighting games to play and have a great time and also have some laughs. This funny fighting game is also very easy and pleasant to play. You have to use only your mouse to make the nose hairs dance for you…

This funny fighting game is like a path, like a journey… you will start from one end of the road and have to get to the other. Along the way you will come across enemies which you have to fight off by clicking on the samurai and releasing to hit. Depending of how long you keep the mouse button pressed you can choose the power of your hairs. The secret is to see when the enemy is about to strike and release the deadly hairs! Enjoy!