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I bet you always want to make some freestyle moves with your bmx. This is your opportunity. This kind of cycling games online was made for you to practice. Combine your action keys to make a “Superman” or a “wall ride”, and try to land correctly if you want those points for each move.

This type of cycling games online are played with the keyboard. Press your arrows keyboard to move your player and jump over the ramps to make some tricks. To do a trick you will have to gain some speed and to go directly to a ramp. When you will be on the highest part of the ramp press shortly the space button to jump and then press one of the action keys. Your action keys for this game are: f, s, d, and a. When you jump over the ramp after you pressed the space bar try to press the “f” key to obtain a “nothing”. For this trick you can see that your cycler takes out the hand over the bike and when he lands he will take the handle bar again to take control of the bike. Also if you use the “s” key your cycler will make a “superman” jump. Pressing the “d” button you will make a tail whip and finally if you like to press the “a” key you player will make a back flip. In this kind of cycling games online each trick that you made has a different score, and when the time runs out you will see your final score displayed on the screen. If you consider that you are a pro freestyler cycler you can submit your score at the end of all rounds. Be careful because if you don’t land correctly, even if you make a trick, that trick will not count for the final score.

So don’t forget to practice, to be the best at this online cycling game, and who knows, maybe you can become a pro even in real life. Bmx Pakk provides you the best type of cycling games online.