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Blast Billiards Gold


All you fans of fun billiards games online stop and listen!!! Here are the new billiard games online for you to play. If you are a fan of 8 ball billiards games you do not have to look any more! Here we have a vast collection of all kinds of games that you can choose from. We have here Blast Billiards Gold, a game that will make you an expert in using the pool stick. Blast Billiards Gild is quite hard and challenging because it is very difficult to pass from a level to another.

If you are looking to play some good billiards games online this is the best for you. It is also the most challenging pool game that you will ever play and also it combines the tactics and skills required for playing real pool. Blast Billiards Gold also combines more types of pool, and you will observe this when you pass from level to level. You will see the no level is the same as the other! They all are unique and fun in their own special way. You will enjoy playing this nice billiards game online. It is much more fun than playing in real life especially because it is free of charge! You will still have the time of your life and keep the money in your pocket! Isn’t this the best way to have fun? 

The aim of Blast Billiards Gold is to pocket all the balls in the correct order before the time runs out. You have only 100 seconds to do this… so be very careful how you place your shot! The balls are numbered and marked, so you will know which one you have to hit without loosing time looking for it. Isn’t Blast Billiards Gold the most challenging free billiards game that you have ever played? Just try it and you will let yourself be convinced! You will find this out in the moment you realize that you have been playing it for hours and not even realize it! In the meantime get your hands on a pool stick and start practicing!