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Belly Flop Hero


It is time you experience the ultimate trend in water games and start playing these new online diving games and you won’t be sorry afterwards! Belly Flop Hero is a game like you have never seen nor played… it is unique in its way of playing and theme, I am sure that along time you got used to games that impersonate real competitions and realistic challenges. Well… this time you will participate in a splashing contest! Interesting, right?

Where have you heard of seen such a contest excluding your imagination? See…? This is your only chance to participate in such contests. That is why these games are called new online diving games – because they have new and innovating themes that bring the player only entertaining and good time!

When it comes to choosing one game from all new online diving games that appeared online lately I can say with all my conviction that this a perfect game to play when you are feeling bored because it is not that hard nor boring! Belly Flop Hero has a unique way to bring you out of your state of boredom in seconds!

What is so different when you play diving games like Belly Flop Hero is its theme. First you need to eat in order to get fatter, what is a little bit strange considering it is a diving game, you have to perform jumps and land flat for splashing more; for each splash you will receive money and with it you can buy food and all kind of objects that can make your heavier. And you now have guessed… the aim of these new online diving games is jumping in such a way as to splash more and all over the place!

If this is not funny and entertaining what else can be?! So, in order to perform good splashes you have to know what keys are used to play Belly Flop Hero. So, in order to jump just press one the space bar, while in the air use the arrow keys to spin and then set yourself in the proper position with the ‘’X’’, ‘’C’’ or ‘’V’’ keys! And you will see how these new online diving games can completely change a state of mind.