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Basketball Challenge


Basketball challenge, as its name says it, is a challenge for all the basketball fans. If you are tired to watch basketball games at your TV, this game is an opportunity for you to try to become more active in sport games instead of just watching other people playing. For many of you, this game seems to be a little difficult if you were used to watch basketball games instead of playing,

Unlike other games, this one is not so complex; does not have funny characters or funny stuff on the background to entertain you. This game is a simple challenge for all those people who want to practice or to learn some basketball skills. It is a timed game, so hurry up if you put on your mind to score as much as you can in order to beat the high score. The controls are simple: you have to juggle the ball with the pad and to put it in the basket. Try to score as much as you can in 3 minutes. You shouldn't move your pad above the horizontal line in the middle because it becomes inactive. If the ball passes beneath the hoop, you get negative points. Watch basketball games and you will be more familiar with these rules. It is a simple game that makes you want to play it over and over again – just because it's so simple and it challenges you.

If you used to watch basketball games instead of playing them, you can start with this game which is different from other free online basketball games. It is a game that tests your agility and your ability of concentration. Use the pad to juggle the ball in order to score, but be careful and beware the negative points. Once you have negative points, you have to score twice as much to reach your normal score.

Do make a habit of playing a lot of games, and not to watch basketball games - this way you are being passive and you lose all the fun. So, after you learn some tips playing ‘Basketball challenge’, grab a ball and enjoy what you have just learned.