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5 Miles 2 Go


Did somebody say ‘’car race’’? Yes! If you want to play some good race games I say try these NACAR games for free! When it comes to playing a racing game that you will certainly find quite different from all the online quad racing games that you used to play then you should try 5 Miles 2 Go! It is high time for you to try something new and exciting!

5 Miles 2 Go is a game like you have never seen before! You will see this from the first seconds you start racing. It is quite different because you the speed of your car won’t depend entirely on you. You will depend on the position of the other racing cars that are around you! These NACAR games for free will make you wish you were a real race driver! 

So, the difference between this game and the rest of NACAR games for free is the fact that you will race on straight line, so… you won’t have to use suck a large amount of keys to control the car. You will need to use only the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrow to move the car left or right on the track.

You will see that the car is already running when you start the game, the only thing that you have to do is to maintain your position because the more cars you have behind you the grater your speed is! So, be careful at the others moves and also be careful not to remain in the back. That means you have the lesser speed and you will be the last to finish the race. 

You will find 5 Miles 2 Go a very challenging game to play because it is quite short and everything happens so fast. This game depicts only the last 5 miles of a race… the most important ones! So don’t you mess up; play these NACAR games for free and see if you are good enough to be on the first place!