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3D Urban Madness


What better way to spend half an hour if not by playing a fun McLaren racing game. 3D Urban Madness is a fun 3d driving game featuring 3 cool cars. You start the game with the Alfa Romeo Brera, one of the best hot hatches on the market. Then you progress to the ever popular Nissan 350Z sports car and last but not least you get to drive teh new McLaren MP4-12C supercar.

And since the 12C is such a new car, there aren't many McLaren racing games on the internet, so this might be your first chance to sit behind the wheel of the British-made supercar. But let's get back to 3D Urban Madness – the purpose of the game is to avoid traffic and road obstacles. The controls are very simple, you only need to press the left and right arrow keys. There's no accelerator and there's no brake so you'll have to rely on lightning-fast reflexes to get your car safely to the finish line.

There are 4 levels, each with a series of checkpoints. Once you pass a checkpoint, the car speed and handling increases but so does the difficulty of the game. Since this is one of the very first McLaren racing games we suggest you give the MP4-12C a good thrashing on the road. Also make sure to check out all our other supercar racing games and driving games – they are all free and they're loads of fun.