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1 Will Survive


Fighting games download is something useful if you like so much a game that you are afraid that might not find it next time on the internet, but you can also play these games online and one of these games is 1 Will Survive, a very interesting game.

The fighting games download is useful if you don’t have a permanent internet connection, otherwise is easier for you to play them online. This fighting game is more a war game, because before starting the game there is a legend which tells you that once upon a time in the kingdom of Rivaros there were two cities that always battled one against each other. Now they want to settle the score once and for all and only 1 will survive. To get started, click to build a barracks. This will enable you to build troops to defend your castle.Once you have enough gold don’t forget to build other structures to unlock new features to help you bring the enemy to their knees. You have to build as more barracks or different structures as possible, but you have to gain gold because otherwise it’s impossible to build something. You can choose to fight with one, two or more soldiers. By collecting gold you can improve your equipment and this way it will be easier for you to confront with the other army.

Gold is the most important element in this game, because if you can collect more gold you will be able to do more actions, like developing your city, improving your equipment, create bigger troops and develop city’s economy. Fighting games download can help you to improve your skills because you don’t have to search the game on the internet every time that you would like to play it and you’ll just have it on your computer.

If you are searching for fighting games download, 1 Will Survive is a good choice because is a complex game, which gives you the opportunity to build your own city and create your army. If you want to download fighting games don’t forget to download this game too!